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Our commitment to our clients comes from a place of extreme accountability and genuine appreciation for their trust.

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Property buying has always been and will always be a proud moment. In fact, one of the things that separate us from the rest of the world is how fond we are with our properties. The very reason we exist today is to redefine such personal and delicate relationships in an excitingly diverse and challenging Australian market.

Realising the personal connection deeply embedded in the process of buying property, we have recruited with character and values in mind, resulting in an intrinsic level of empathy that sits at the core of everything we do. This not only allows us the privilege of connecting with our clients more profoundly, but also drive our values and business ethics.


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Our commitment to our clients comes from a place of extreme accountability and a genuine appreciation for the trust that every client brings when they choose to work with us.

How we operate

When securing a property, Trelease Associates demands confidentiality from all involved in the transaction.

Industry First

‘Open-Book’ Policy. A major positive step towards a more transparent and ethical real estate buying process.

Protected Transactions

Trelease Associates demands confidentiality from all involved in the transaction.

100% Alignment

High-level due diligence and property intelligence with unparalleled customer care.

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Constantly simplifying and improving the buying experience.

Our buying team comprised of Primary Residence Specialists and Strategic Investment Division will help you find the exact property you need. Our full-service approach ensures we have you covered from your property search (including true off and pre-market properties), to high level due diligence, investigation, negotiation, settlement and post-settlement care.

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