New Era of Property Buying

In our pursuit of defining who we are and what we stand for, we made sure we asked the right questions to the right people. We spoke with a collective of industry experts with one objective; fully understand what Australia needed to see in this progressive buyer’s agency. We committed our efforts across the board, towards simplifying, safeguarding and improving the property buying experience for our clients. In Australia’s excitingly challenging market, people often choose trustworthiness over skill. To find both virtues is a truly rare commodity.

What do we value

Today, a discreet, transparent and seamless property buying process is the most critical aspect of our methodology. When securing a property, Trelease Associates demands confidentiality from all involved in the transaction. Every step of the buying process is visible to the client. Essentially, we are re-calibrating the model to ensure a 100% alignment in business interest between the buyer and the buyer’s agent.

Trelease Associates do not believe in publishing ‘just bought’ properties on social media out of respect to our clients.

Why do we exist?

From idea to execution, property buying is one of the most personal and challenging endeavours Australians go through. Realising the personal connection deeply embedded in the process of buying property, we have recruited with character and values in mind resulting in an intrinsic level of empathy that sits at the core of everything we do.

As one the largest contributors to its economy, the Australian property market is quite sophisticated, intriguing and at times, intimidating. Property buying has always been and will always be a proud moment. In fact, one of the things that separate us from the rest of the world is how fond we are with our properties.

Message from our Chief Executive Officer.

In every profession or business dealing, expertise matters. We have hand-picked our specialised team, making sure that being a recognised industry professional with deep industry knowledge and influences, are all just primary factors rather than points of differentiation. Those serve as a building block from which we cultivate a culture of trust, transparency and confidentiality in a market that needs it the most.

Our commitment to our clients comes from a place of extreme accountability. It also stems from a genuine appreciation for the trust that every client brings when they choose to work with us. Clients do not only trust us with hard-earned capital, but also trust us with their valuable time, energy and most importantly; their decisions. That is something we can never take lightly and hence why it is within the DNA of everyone in the Trelease Associates family that we ensure clients consistently get the best possible outcome.

We understand that to work with someone you trust is extremely important, and that people often choose trustworthiness over skill. To find both virtues is a truly rare commodity.

We believe there is room for change. It is time for the Australian property buyer to get more value not only from their buyer’s agent, but from the entire transaction.

Daniel Trelease.

Opening soon in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.