Brooke Fayad

‘Making my clients feel, for those moments we are working together, how important their property needs are within the context of their individual life circumstances. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to give my clients the ultimate support and care. It’s all about our client’s positive experience.’

This value system is very familiar to Brooke, growing up in Australia and living and working across the Middle East for some of
the most powerful leaders in the modern world today.
Brooke employs finely tuned practical skills and techniques that she has gained over the years working within the highest level of customer service and consultative roles to Royal Families and the Australian Property market, ensuring that she is delivering excellence in service and maintaining valuable client interactions to establish a positive experience to buyers in the Sydney property market.
Brooke firmly believes that personal and professional success hinges on how well you can demonstrate understanding of and meet the needs of your clients and colleagues. Her own personal property portfolio journey with her husband has grown consistently and confidently, enabling Brooke to implement her Coco Republic Design School skills, successfully working across several renovation projects, dual occupancy construction projects, as well as commercial investments.
As a valued Buyers Agent at Trelease Associates, Brooke believes in ‘leaving no stone unturned’ and
employs the same ethos and passion for finding you, your perfect ‘forever’ home or investment property, as if it were her own.