We have hand-picked our specialised team, making sure that being a recognised industry professional with deep industry knowledge and connections, are all just primary factors rather than points of differentiation. Those serve as a building block from which we cultivate a culture of trust, transparency and confidentiality in a market that needs it the most.

We understand that to work with someone you trust is extremely important and that some people even choose trustworthiness over skill. To find both virtues is a truly rare commodity. At Trelease Associates, our people can’t compromise both. It is time for the Australian property buyer to get more value not only from their buyers’ agent but from the entire transaction.

Our main objective was to fully understand what Australia needed to see in this progressive buyer’s agency. We committed our efforts across the board towards simplifying and improving the buying experience. This led to the formation of Australia’s first confidential buyer’s agency, operating an industry first ‘open-book’ policy – a major positive step towards a more transparent and ethical real estate buying culture we are proud to promote.

The most important decisions that businesspeople make are not what decisions, but who decisions. – Jim Collins. Author, Good to Great.

Our focus is on who. The team at Trelease Associates are world-class professionals, A-grade players who put the interests of the client ahead of themselves every time. The human resources we have is the key source of our competitive advantage. We are always looking for the next person to join us who upholds the highest level of professionalism and ethics. Our process of hiring, training, appraising, and rewarding employees builds an environment that helps our staff grow and out-perform their competitors. Our team have been appointed on the basis of their integrity, competence, qualification and their grounding in ethical and best-practice decision making.

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