Each and every single individual on our team, brings another invaluable piece to the puzzle. Together, we serve the Australian & (soon) New Zealand property industry with honesty, transparency, confidentiality, and extraordinary results.


Our Commitmment

Our commitment to our clients comes from a place of extreme accountability. It also stems from genuine appreciation for the trust that every client brings when they choose to work with us.


Our Values

We understand that to work with someone you trust is extremely important and that people often choose trustworthiness over skill. To find both virtues is a truly rare commodity. It is time for the Australian property buyer to get more value not only from their buyer’s agent but from the entire transaction.

Di Henneberry

Department Head – Property Management Division

Mark Lazarus

Chief Legal Officer

(in-house counsel)

Gus Kugel

Business Manager to the Trelease Group

Brooke Fayad

Buyers Agent Assistant

Our diversity makes us stronger

Talk to us in your language

In addition to our existing multi-language team, if we don’t speak your language we’ll make sure we find someone who does to ensure our conversation is more convenient for you.

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