Daniel Trelease

‘Customer Service has disappeared from Australia’s fabric. This has to be rectified – and it’s not rocket science. There are two key factors for this pioneering company: internally – it’s culture; externally – it’s customer service. We are all about our clients, not our own self promotion. Transparency and confidentiality’

CEO Daniel Trelease brings a wealth of global experience and insight to the Australian property market. Whilst at University, after a chance meeting with the late London-based entertainment mogul and impresario Robert Stigwood, Daniel demonstrated such natural abilities and commitment to customer service that he was immediately seconded to manage Stigwood’s UK country estate Barton Manor – of Domesday Book fame – as well as Barry Gibbs’ Wilton Place. This propitious opportunity was to mark the beginning of Daniel’s property journey and his genuine industry passion.

The following decade was spent between London and New York under the guidance of both Stigwood and the renowned British Interior Designer Brian Juhos. Fully immersed in both the European and American Eastcoast property markets, Daniel was personally appointed to source properties for London-based high net worth individuals spanning a range of industries including finance, property and art.

Daniel then identified an opportunity to transfer his skills back to Australia where the Sydney market was rapidly evolving. Coupling a results-based approach with an engaging honesty and innate care and respect for people, Daniel’s industry reputation expanded and prospered. Daniel determined to launch his own model that specifically traded upon confidentiality, transparency, and a new level of customer service.

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Daniel Trelease
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Trelease Associates
354 New South Head Rd,
Double Bay, NSW, 2028