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‘Buying on emotions and eventually profiting is called luck. Buying on research and due diligence and eventually profiting, is called intelligence. I simply help buyers find, analyse, buy and renovate properties that bring strong financial returns. My background in construction and renovating for profit helps me give my clients a significant edge they rarely get anywhere else.’

Intelligence is the ability to learn and apply the learned lessons to achieve the desired results with minimum risks and cost. Kim has been buying and selling properties since 2011. Closing in on a decade of transactions in the Australian property market combined with an impressive long-standing presence in the construction industry, she prides herself on sharing the exact same strategies she used for her own investments with all her prospective property buyers.

Kim grew up in the eastern suburbs and currently resides in Sydney’s surrounding suburbs where she is entirely devoted to assisting buyers to capitalise on the abundant opportunities whether you are an investor or a homebuyer.

For Kim, trustworthiness has nothing to do with what you say and everything with what you do. Realising this from the start, she dedicated herself to studying and learning all the subtle details of the art of buying. Her own personal experiences with property investment over the years have allowed her to develop an unmatched understanding of what a buyer needs and how to meet those needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Kim’s vision and work ethic are perfectly aligned with Trelease Associates’ values. If you are ready to embark on a property purchase, Kimberley Ackerman is your go-to Buyers’ Agent.

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Kimberley Ackerman
Job Title
Buyers Agent
Trelease Associates
354 New South Head Rd,
Double Bay, NSW, 2028