Full Service

From an idea to execution, our team will take you through every step ensuring diligence, transparency and confidentiality.

  • Detailed Property Brief
  • Strategic Search (on and off market)
  • Shortlist Creation & Private inspections
  • Purchase Achievability Investigation
  • Due Diligence & Property Intelligence
  • Contract review & Negotiation
  • Exchange & Pre-settlement Inspections
  • Settlement & Post-settlement Care

Negotiation Only

Trelease Associates to secure the dream home or investment property a client has sourced independently.

  • Unbiased view of the property's value
  • Research-based pricing
  • Handling all interactions with the agent
  • Managing deliberations on price
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Post-settlement care

Auction Bidding

Trelease Associates strategise and bid on clients behalf at auctions.

  • Auction day expert representation
  • Property value and price assessment
  • Bidding strategy devised and outlined
  • Auction day strategy implementation
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Post-settlement care


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Commercial Acquisition

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Property Management

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